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Prohibit Resale

All Red Health products are sold to users and are not for any commercial resell purposes. We will refuse to sell the products should we have any doubts regarding the purposes of the order.

Product Ownership, Import Documents and Fees

Once the product has been shipped out by Red Health, the ownership of the product and the risk of loss will be transferred from Red Health to the customer. Red Health will deliver the products according to your requirements. If the products are shipped overseas, you may subject to surcharges, fees, taxes, or any applicable import licenses for the relevant products to the destination or trans-shipment points. These fees and documents are applicable depending on the destination’s legality. Red Health cannot control or predict the amount of these charges, as well as will not be liable for the application of such payments or documents. If the product is being detained during delivery, you will bear the corresponding losses as Red Health shall have no liability for any loss. Once you have completed the relevant ordering process, you agree to accept the terms and are responsible for all applicable surcharges, taxes, or import license claims for the order. If the final product is being returned, the ownership will be returned to Red Health. Red Health will charge 15% of the total costs to make up for shipping cost.