Junior Milk CA + DHA Tablet


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60 Tablets

Key Functions:

  • Improve children’s concentration and performance
  • Help enhance intestinal health
  • Improve immunity and neural development
  • Help strengthen children cognitive skills and intelligence

Origin: New Zealand


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Calcium, DHA, and Zinc extracted from natural New Zealand milk

Aged 1-3: 1 tablet daily
Aged 4-5: 2 tablets daily
Aged 6-12: Once or twice daily, 1-2 tablets each

  • Calcium supplement for children development
  • Those who are concerned about teeth and bones development
  • Those who are concerned about bone density
  • Those who are concerned about children’s neural development
  • Those who are concerned with improving children’s immunity”

Red Health’s Junior Milk CA + DHA Tablet is extracted from New Zealand’s natural environment and is made of natural ingredients.
Each tablet contains 2.4mg DHA and 1mg Zinc, which is more nutritious than ordinary milk.

Calcium is an important element for child growth. It is especially important for children to absorb adequate calcium in the developmental stage for the development of bones and teeth.
DHA is an essential nutrient for children’s neural development.

Zinc is important for metabolism, enhances children’s concentration and performance, improves intestinal health, and boosts immunity and neural development. It is also essential for children development as it helps them to absorb calcium.

DHA is important for children’s neural development as it helps facilitate their cognitive skills and intelligence.
Red Health’s Junior Milk CA + DHA Tablet comes in strawberry flavour in a cute bear shape, which easily is the first choice for children’s calcium supplement.


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