Joint Health


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60 Capsules

Key Functions:

  • Improve joint mobility
  • Reduce joint friction
  • Bones strengthening
  • Soothe joint discomfort due to degeneration

Origin: New Zealand

Marine Mussel Essence
Acts as a “natural analgesic” and relieves muscle and joint issues due to aging.

Effectively increases flexibility between cartilages, and maintains bone and joint health.

EPA 20mg, DHA 20mg
These are the fatty acids that are needed by human joints, which protects joints and bones from damages caused by friction. It can also slow down joint degeneration, and helps relieve sore muscles and joint problems.

General Health and Prevention: 1-2 capsules daily (before or after meal)
Supplement: Twice daily, day and night, 2-3 capsules each (before or after meal)

Reminder: Dosage can be adjusted according to personal needs.

  • Those whose joints suffer from long-term compression, muscle and bone strain, or joint soreness
  • Those with joint problems
  • Those who engaged in physical labour or repetitive motions
  • Those who delay joint degeneration
  • Sport lovers as supplement

Red Health’s Joint Health contains natural active ingredients to supplement your joints with daily essential nutrients.
Effectively provides what the body needs, protects bones and internodes, repairs cartilage tissues, and maintains bone health.
The unique formula of Red Health’s Joint Health is especially effective for those who have joint problems and with quick results.


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