Fiberry Shake Enzyme EX(9/2023)


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Key Functions:

  • Shorten digestion and promote metabolism
  • Stimulates bowel movements
  • Strong feeling of fullness
  • Help defend oxidation for the skin

Origin: Malaysia

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Unique fat conversion and re-decomposition function reduces larger food molecules and then decomposes. This shortens the digestion duration, promotes metabolism, avoids excessive absorption, and reduces fat accumulation.

“Fibregum™ Tan”
“Fibregum™ Tan”, a patented acacia gum prebiotic fibre ingredient, has been clinically proven to effectively provide bifidobacterial growth, activates probiotics and prebiotics, resets natural intestinal peristalsis, blocks oil absorption, and reduces intestinal wastes.

Mix 1 packet with 180ml water (room temperature). Stir/Shake and ready to be consumed.

Express Fat Drainage: Twice daily, 1 packet each (before meal)
Fat Drainage: Once daily, 1 packet each (before meal)
Regular Colon Cleanse: Once every 2 weeks, once daily, 1 packet each (take for consecutive 3 days)

One packet of Fiberry Shake Enzyme EX contains three patented ingredients:
“DigeZyme®” Digestive Enzymes, “Fibregum™ Tan” Arabic Gum Probiotic Fibre, and “Fibersol-2” Water-Soluble Dietary Fibre.

Taken before meal increases the feeling of fullness while inhibiting the absorption of fats, converting and decomposing fats, and promoting digestion and metabolism. It also stimulates bowel movements so that residual stool and wastes can be excreted.
Fiberry Shake Enzyme EX allows those who enjoy eating to lose weight healthily without rebound.


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