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Cs-4+ Agaricus Blazei Cordyceps
60 Capsules

Key Functions:

  • Energy enhancement
  • Lungs and body nourishment
  • Physique regulation
  • Improve tracheal issues and relieve nasal allergies
  • Reduce fatigue and naturally enhance immunity


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Cordyceps mycelium Cs-4
Extract strains from premium Cordyceps, isolate and select strains that resemble the composition of Cordyceps. Then through numerous pharmacological tests and experiments, select strains that are closest to the best Cordyceps’ medical effects for cultivation. The quality of Cordyceps vary depending on their protists, which are the varieties of Cordyceps. Through years of research and development, the cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4 are high in ergosterol, Cordyceps polysaccharide, and other active ingredients. In short, its efficacy is comparable to wild Cordyceps.

Agaricus Blazei Murill
Agaricus Blazei (also known as Brazilian mushroom) mainly grows in the Southeast Region of Brazil. It was later introduced to the Japanese markets for artificial cultivation and renamed as Agaricus Blazei. Agaricus Blazei is rich in polysaccharides, which are easily absorbable. It is also rich in dietary fibre, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of natural minerals. Polysaccharides, plant fibres, nucleic acids, and micro-elements all have protective benefits on the human body.

General Health and Prevention: Twice daily, day and night, 1-2 capsules each (before or after meal)
Children: 1-2 capsules daily
Supplement: Twice daily, day and night, 2-3 capsules each (before or after meal)
Reminder: Dosage can be adjusted according to personal needs.

  • Those who suffer from chronic cough
  • Those who has frequent nasal allergies
  • Insomniac
  • Those who suffer from mental fatigue
  • Those with weak lung and kidneys

Red Health’s Cs-4+ Agaricus Blazei was developed by adopting advanced technology to cultivate Cordyceps mycelium Cs-4 and combining the nutritious Agaricus Blazei (known as the “”Supreme Mushroom””). Once their essences are combined, it will provide the body with additional nutrients and promote metabolism.

The source and quality of the Cordyceps mycelium Cs-4 have been strictly monitored. It is GMP-certified and does not contain impurity or high level of heavy metals.

Cordyceps and Agaricus Blazei have always been traditional health supplements. Red Health’s Cs-4+ Agaricus Blazei promotes health and improves respiratory health. Cordyceps contains all kinds of nutrients that humans need, such as mannitol and polysaccharides.

Agaricus Blazei contains dietary fibre and various minerals. It provides the essential health elements that the body needs, promotes intestinal peristalsis, enhances innate immunity, and strengthens immunity and heart health.


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