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60 Capsules

Key Functions:

  • Effectively protect bone health and strengthen teeth
  • Promote cell growth and repair

Origin: USA

Category: SKU: 1008-1-1

Seaweed calcium (equivalent to 1 250mg natural calcium)

Children (aged under 12 years): Once daily, 1/4 capsule each
Adults (12 years and over): Twice daily, 1 capsule each
Pregnant Women: Twice daily, 2 capsules each

  • Those who are concerned about immunity
  • Those who are concerned about bone and tooth health, especially children, pregnant women and the elderly
  • Vegetarians and people who are sensitive to dairy products”

Red Health’s Algae Calcium is extracted from pure, pollution-free algae that contain no heavy metal residue.
The unique structure of seaweed calcium can be easily absobed by the body, and effectively protect the bones and teeth.
Suitable for vegetarians and for those who cannot consume dairy products.


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