About Us
Established in 2009, Red Health Products Company Limited (Red Health) is committed to fulfilling the company’s mission of “Healthy Life”. It strives to assemble the best natural and effective ingredients from all over the world, and uses the most advanced technology to develop the most efficient and safest health supplements. Red Health’s product selection aims to suit everyone’s needs, and create a truly “Healthy Life”.

The source and quality of Red Health’s products have been strictly monitored, GMP-certified, and have passed the safety inspection from testing institutions recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government. Over the last few years, Red Health’s Joint Health has been rigorously reviewed by Hong Kong Health Care Federation (HKHCF). Its quality has been thoroughly evaluated and has received the HKHCF Accreditation. This proves that Red Health’s products are safe and reliable.

In order to provide the best service to the public, Red Health has set up a team of health consultants in designated Watsons stores to give customers professional health information and recommendation.

Red Health will continue to pay close attention to the public’s health needs, and develop more high-quality, efficient and safe supplements. So that the public can improve their own “Healthy Life”.